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Helping non-profit leaders thrive in their effort to multiply the good in the world.

Worthington Fundraising Solutions

Helping you Multiply the Good.

It can feel very challenging to face the need to raise significant dollars for your non-profit organization. Asking for gifts, especially major gifts, can be very intimidating. You may be thinking, 


“How can I approach this person in a way that is respectful and well-received? I know that this mission is important to me, but what if it isn’t important to the donor?” 


If you have these kinds of thoughts and concerns, then you’re not alone. Even non-profit leaders who have raised millions of dollars have felt this way from time to time. 


That’s when we can be of service. We have more than 30 years of experience fundraising with a proven track record of raising more than $150 million. We have led successful campaigns in both small and large organizations. Most importantly, we have helped non-profit leaders (both board and staff) sharpen their skills to enhance their ability to raise funds successfully. 


Imagine how your future would look and feel if you were armed with the skills and tools you need to take on the project and lead your non-profit mission to the next step – whether building a cancer center, preserving a treasured piece of land, or sustaining essential programs for the community. 


Let us help you develop a clear path to successful fundraising and multiply the dollars that you have for your mission. 

- Desiree Worthington, CFRE


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