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Fundraising Readiness and Sustainability

Fundraising readiness and sustainability – Is your organization’s fundraising ready to raise the dollars you need to accomplish that next audacious goal?  We can help position your organization for success. Featured services include:

  • Strategic Planning - Not only is the strategic plan a map to a better future, but it is also your promise to donors. It is used to report back progress and rally additional support over time. If you treat your donors as investors in your strategic plan, they will feel ownership and excitement along the journey. Donors will choose your organization as one of their top giving priorities. Let us help you develop and communicate your vision and plan.

  • Fundraising Assessment - Are you wondering if there are ways you can improve your fundraising effectiveness? Are you being as efficient as you can be with your fundraising methods? Are you following best practices in your fundraising operations? We can assess your fundraising program and provide concise recommendations of ways to enhance your success.

  • Fundraising Coaching for Leadership – Have you ever attended a fundraising workshop and came back to the office excited to raise more money? Then the reality of day-to-day leadership erodes your plans. We can provide the ongoing support you need to address challenges and implement effective philanthropy techniques.

  • Board Retreats – We can design workshops to help your leaders understand the culture of philanthropy and provide staff and volunteers with the tools to support successful fundraising.

  • Governance and Operations – Effective fundraising begins at the top with board members who understand great governance and their role in building a strong organization, which leads to strong philanthropy. We can help you build best-practice governance by assessing and enhancing board recruitment, policies, and leadership practices.

  • Benchmarking and Metrics – Fundraising is different than friendraising. Your organization’s success depends on both. We can help you set up simple, easy-to-calculate metrics and benchmarks to help you succeed.


She taps into her many years of experience and provides easy-to-follow guidance to address complex fundraising and board situations....more

Kelly M. Hagan

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