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Capital Campaign Support

A capital campaign is an intense effort to raise significant dollars in a specified period of time. Perhaps you need to raise funds to build or renovate a facility or your organization wishes to expand programs. The stakes are high. Your organization will either fail or emerge stronger. Success will depend on your organization’s ability to change the way it currently fundraises. If developed and implemented properly, your campaign will raise significantly more dollars than ever before! Let us help you succeed. We have helped many organizations undertake major campaigns, and we are excited to learn more about how we can help you. Below are highlighted services.

  • Pre-campaign Planning Studies – Your organization is excited about its new project, but how do you know others will share that excitement and will make the transformational gifts you need to accomplish your project? We can assess your organization’s current readiness and gauge the community’s passion for your project by conducting a comprehensive campaign planning study. When completed, you will have a clear path to success.

  • Case for Support Development – How will you effectively communicate to the community and specific donors your plans? We can develop clear, concise, and compelling ways to share your vision and attract donors.

  • Campaign Strategy and Budgeting – Often the missing piece of a campaign is developing the campaign gift table with true donor prospects. We will help you develop effective strategies to facilitate leadership gifts and the resources realistically needed to complete the work.

  • Campaign Management – Implementing a capital or comprehensive campaign requires ongoing coaching and managing of both staff and board. We can help and have the experience and track record to implement your campaign plan.


She has built and executed organized, successful campaigns. I was proud to be part of two of them...more

Kathy Dixon

Board Chair Munson Healthcare Foundations

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