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Program Development

Your organization has been successful in raising dollars. You have a strong annual giving program and now you’re ready to take the next step. We can help you develop new methods of fundraising.

  •  Major Giving – Major gifts are the most efficient and can be the most mission-centric way for an organization to raise resources. Facilitating major gifts can also be the most perplexing for leaders to understand. We can help you unlock the mysteries of major giving and develop an effective program.

  • Planned Giving – Approaching a loyal donor about estate giving can be sensitive and difficult. We can help your organization establish best practices and better engage with donors.

  • Research – We can help your organization develop a research program that both seeks out new donors as well as larger gifts from donors who are already engaging with you.


Her approach is solid – no guilt, no begging – giving donors a chance to put their hard-earned resources to work doing really good things....more

Casey Cowell

Philanthropist and
Co-Founder of US Robotics

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Take the next step on your non-profit journey.
We’ll work with you to MULTIPLY THE GOOD.

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